About Favor

Our vision is to provide opportunities for people to move from poverty, to being able to provide for their families. We want to share Gods love with them and inspire them to help others to experience a full life. We believe the foundation for any society is the family unit. When you grow strong and healthy families, you grow a strong and healthy society.

We want to:

  1. Grow vegetables just outside of Pretoria, capital of South Africa) to give to struggling families and at the same time share Gods love with them. Here we will also teach people to do organic farming.
  2. Start a training centre to teach women to sew and do needle work.
  3. Start a business making decorative pillows.
  4. Run a web-shop selling products made by businesses we start. All profit will go back to Favor. www.favorshop.biz

Our long term goals also includes:

  1. Create more businesses to create more much needed jobs
  2. Start community gardens, so people can grow their own food
  3. Build solid family houses for rent that are off grid and have gardens to grow vegetables and chickens for personal use

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