Favor Gardens

One of our goals is to provide much needed jobs in areas with high unemployment and extreme poverty. The unemployment rate in South Africa at the moment is 25%. And over 20% of the population live in extreme poverty, which means that 10 million people in South Africa. are not able to feed their family enough food every day.

All we can do, is try to help one person at a time. So we have started a company offering gardening work in the capital of South Africa. All profit goes back to the Favor Organizaion to fund future projects.

You may check out the company’s website here: www.favorgardens.com. (And if you live in the Pretoria area – please spreak the word!) 🙂

The photo’s below are showing some of Favor Gardens work:

IMG-20160211-WA0018 IMG-20160211-WA0010